Established in 1991, our small family build this company with the vison of becoming leaders in the market of cured meat. As connoisseurs of exquisite meat, we specialize in blood and liver sausages, brawns and additional delicacies. Which far exceeds that of basic cured meat producers in the industry, and sets up apart for the rest. We pride our success to our hard work, skill and knowledge of our product and industry, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and employees. Thanks to the above, we are secure in our knowledge that we are the largest locally owned providers in the market of whole sale and chain supermarkets across Poland.


With almost 30 years of experience, many of our product are derived from old family and traditional polish recipies, with a splash of something special. We have products that can satisfy just about every palllet even that of the pickiest connoisseur.


If you have ever had an interest in expanding your pallet, and experience what the best has to offer, we would love to have you try our wide array of products.